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Do You Let Him Walk?: The Dave Poile Story

Well shucks. I was lying in bed, about 2 minutes from calling it quits tonight when SOMEONE (::cough,cough:: Darren Dreger:: cough, cough::) decided to drop an atomic bomb on 2 fanbases at 12:49 a.m. Yeah…. cue the heart attacks. As a restricted free agent with the Nashville Predators, Shea Weber is allowed to show interest … Continue reading

Taking Home the Hardware: My Picks for the 2012 NHL Awards

Needless to say, I watched a lot of hockey this year. I mean, A LOT. Considering the regular season has 1,230 games, the post season was 86 games long (yes, that many!) and you can add an All Star Game in there too, the last nine months have been jam packed. Conservatively, between Philly (I … Continue reading

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