Female hockey fans are often referred to as "puck bunnies" and unfairly judged. As a female hockey fan with a desire to always learn more about the sport, I have an interest in any and all facets of the sport. I would like to write stories that appeal to female hockey fans who are not watching because the players are hot and look good in suits (that is a plus). My heart belongs to the Flyers but I have interest in players/teams all over the league. I know what it’s like being a new fan to the sport and having to hold your own with people who have been immersed in the game longer than I’ve been alive. Take a deep breath, it’s okay, we’ll get through this together. I don’t promise expertise, but I do hope to impart upon you my love for this “figure skating in a war zone” and create fans where there once weren’t and turn casual interest into all-out love. I am in this committed relationship with hockey and I do not foresee it ending anytime soon.
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There’s No “I” in Team, But There is One in Piggy Bank (Sharing Is Caring)

It’s been quite a vacay, but hockey is back! After last year’s shortened season, it’s nice to take the car out of overdrive and cruise through a 6 month, 82 game season. In addition to stretching out the season, for the first time in a while, I’m not in any fantasy leagues. So you may … Continue reading

Operation Hattrick

Yes, it is I, back from a loooong hiatus with very little to comment on in the world of hockey. I’ve tried to start a new post at least 10 times since this terrible drought began but , truthfully, I have not been following much of the Euro scene, AHL is a bit far for … Continue reading

I Like My Hockey How I Like My Men: A Tribute to Jessica Redfield

If you mention the town Aurora, Colorado to anyone nowadays, the words “terror”, “fear”, and “tragedy” will probably pop into people’s heads. Only two weeks ago a gunman opened fire on unsuspecting moviegoers at a midnight showing of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Many families were devastated by the list of dead and injured as … Continue reading

Flyers Prospect Camp 2012: Standout Stars

Sorry this didn’t come at 3:00p.m. Sunday afternoon when I got home from the final scrimmage of prospect camp. I felt I needed to marinade in my thoughts before I composed any semblance of a formal post. With all the boys (FINALLY!) home after storms/delays stranded half the prospects Sunday night (you can read about … Continue reading

Do You Let Him Walk?: The Dave Poile Story

Well shucks. I was lying in bed, about 2 minutes from calling it quits tonight when SOMEONE (::cough,cough:: Darren Dreger:: cough, cough::) decided to drop an atomic bomb on 2 fanbases at 12:49 a.m. Yeah…. cue the heart attacks. As a restricted free agent with the Nashville Predators, Shea Weber is allowed to show interest … Continue reading

Countdown to Doomsday (From My Experience) and How You Will Survive

Take a deep breath. Take it aaaallllll in. Right now, as I type this, all of our teams are at a standstill. The rosters of our teams are (mostly) as they were this year. I don’t do this often, but I’m going to share where I am coming from when the trades start tomorrow. I … Continue reading


Someone get this man a cigar! The Washington Capitals announced Adam Oates as their new head coach. This comes on the same day Oates is announced as one of this year’s Hockey Hall of Fame inductees. Whatta day! Here are some stats on the newest A.O. in town: – He played for the Capitals from … Continue reading

Taking Home the Hardware: My Picks for the 2012 NHL Awards

Needless to say, I watched a lot of hockey this year. I mean, A LOT. Considering the regular season has 1,230 games, the post season was 86 games long (yes, that many!) and you can add an All Star Game in there too, the last nine months have been jam packed. Conservatively, between Philly (I … Continue reading

Where WILL Sasha Go?

With the 2011-2012 season in the books officially on Monday (SIDE NOTE: Congrats, Kings!), all teams are looking ahead to the NHL Draft that starts June 22-23 and July 1st which I affectionately refer to as the Free Agent Free-For-All. With options out the wazoo for any and every team out there, there is one … Continue reading

The Devils Caught Some Saturday Night Fever

Much unlike the actual Bee Gees, the New Jersey Devils are staying alive (too soon?). After being 60 minutes from a sweep, the Devs have come back to make this a one game series. Although stats-wise, the Kings are favored to hoist the cup (stats) their play has been less than stellar in the last … Continue reading

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