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Do You Let Him Walk?: The Dave Poile Story

Well shucks.

I was lying in bed, about 2 minutes from calling it quits tonight when SOMEONE (::cough,cough:: Darren Dreger:: cough, cough::) decided to drop an atomic bomb on 2 fanbases at 12:49 a.m.

Yeah…. cue the heart attacks.

As a restricted free agent with the Nashville Predators, Shea Weber is allowed to show interest and agree to an offer sheet that another team is offering him, however, his current team can match the offer. By agreeing to this sheet, Weber is saying “Yes, I will play for a team who offers me this amount of money over this many years.” If Nashville matches, it’s helloooooo Dollywood til he blows out 40 candles on his b-day cake. (For those that say he won’t have 40 candles on his cake, I say to you, bitch, he’s Shea Weber. He does what he wants!)

Dave Poile, the Preds GM, has had the horrifying habit of letting his players walk away with little fight. Suter said “See ya”, Radulov said “Dasvidaniya”, and now this could be THE franchise player leaving for. er, orangier pastures.

Poile has a decision to make: match the offer or watch him Dougie is way to the city of brotherly love. Some might say this is a no brainer. “Duh, he should sign the best player to ever grace the ice in a mustard yellow uni!” (This is arguable). Or consider this:

Poile would get 4 1st-round picks for Weber in addition to a break in the wallet. With that lengthy contract AND owed money off his plate, Poile could sign

1) Keith Yandle
2) Michael DelZotto
3) John Carlson
And/Or 4) P.K. Subban

ALL are still unsigned. ALL are younger than Weber. ALL would except a smaller payday. Let’s keep in mind, however, that they are RFAs and their teams would need something in return. What could Poile possibly offer? Oh yeah, Philly’s draft picks.

This financial freedom could also allow him to refurbish his front lines with a couple of shiny new toys, i.e. Jamie Benn, Shane Doan, Kris Versteeg, Matt Martin… you get the idea. OR trade for any other forward in the game with his 1st round picks!

Although this transaction could potentially throw the makeup of both of these teams into chaos (not to mention the mental states of their fans), either or both of these teams could fare better in the future as a result. This is not an easy decision for Poile to make.

One thing is for sure, by this time next week, Weber will be sleeping soundly, tucked into a mega contract in one of the most heinous jersey colors to ever exist.
(SIDENOTE: I very much love the orange and black, but it’s not a combo most want to wear on a daily basis and mustard yellow… no comment)

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Female hockey fans are often referred to as "puck bunnies" and unfairly judged. As a female hockey fan with a desire to always learn more about the sport, I have an interest in any and all facets of the sport. I would like to write stories that appeal to female hockey fans who are not watching because the players are hot and look good in suits (that is a plus). My heart belongs to the Flyers but I have interest in players/teams all over the league. I know what it’s like being a new fan to the sport and having to hold your own with people who have been immersed in the game longer than I’ve been alive. Take a deep breath, it’s okay, we’ll get through this together. I don’t promise expertise, but I do hope to impart upon you my love for this “figure skating in a war zone” and create fans where there once weren’t and turn casual interest into all-out love. I am in this committed relationship with hockey and I do not foresee it ending anytime soon.


One thought on “Do You Let Him Walk?: The Dave Poile Story

  1. Make that three fanbases. I’m a Penguins fan and let me tell you, I’m none too happy about this.

    Posted by Leah Backus (@leahbackus) | July 19, 2012, 3:03 am

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