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Countdown to Doomsday (From My Experience) and How You Will Survive

Take a deep breath. Take it aaaallllll in. Right now, as I type this, all of our teams are at a standstill. The rosters of our teams are (mostly) as they were this year. I don’t do this often, but I’m going to share where I am coming from when the trades start tomorrow. I … Continue reading


Someone get this man a cigar! The Washington Capitals announced Adam Oates as their new head coach. This comes on the same day Oates is announced as one of this year’s Hockey Hall of Fame inductees. Whatta day! Here are some stats on the newest A.O. in town: – He played for the Capitals from … Continue reading

Taking Home the Hardware: My Picks for the 2012 NHL Awards

Needless to say, I watched a lot of hockey this year. I mean, A LOT. Considering the regular season has 1,230 games, the post season was 86 games long (yes, that many!) and you can add an All Star Game in there too, the last nine months have been jam packed. Conservatively, between Philly (I … Continue reading

Where WILL Sasha Go?

With the 2011-2012 season in the books officially on Monday (SIDE NOTE: Congrats, Kings!), all teams are looking ahead to the NHL Draft that starts June 22-23 and July 1st which I affectionately refer to as the Free Agent Free-For-All. With options out the wazoo for any and every team out there, there is one … Continue reading

The Devils Caught Some Saturday Night Fever

Much unlike the actual Bee Gees, the New Jersey Devils are staying alive (too soon?). After being 60 minutes from a sweep, the Devs have come back to make this a one game series. Although stats-wise, the Kings are favored to hoist the cup (stats) their play has been less than stellar in the last … Continue reading

Shakeups Before the Summer: Rock the Red Tag Sale. EVERYTHING MUST GO!

GMGM (Genral Manager George McPhee) of the Washington Capitals has been handing out pink slips faster than meter maids with tickets in Seaside. Yesterday 39 year old veteran and alternate captain Mike Knuble was told he will not be returning to the organization next year and was asked to kindly pack his bags. Mike, ever … Continue reading

Was It Worth It: How everyone won in the Richards and Carter trades.

If you had told me a year ago Jeff Carter and Mike Richards would be high fiving one another, 1 win from hoisting the cup…but for the Kings, I would have called your bluff.  A year ago on June 23, the biggest trade in recent Flyers history would play out. When the Flyers were eliminated … Continue reading

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