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History Will Be Made… with an asterisk

Last night the red hot Red Wings won their 21st consecutive home game. This record bests the 1929-30 Boston Bruins and the 1975-76 Philadelphia Flyers who each earned 20 home wins in a row. The best part of beating this record for the Wings is that they won these last four with their AHL pull-up goalie Joey MacDonald. This is a fantastic feat and it was hard fought however…

does it deserve an asterisk?

In the 1983-84 season, the NHL instituted overtime. This is a 5 minute period of sudden-death 4-on-4  hockey in which the first goal scored in that timeframe won. If after five minutes neither team scored, the game ended in a tie. When the league came back from its hiatus in the fall of 2005, they brought with them a new rule: no game can end in a tie. After the additional 5 minutes of overtime that gets tacked onto a tied game after 60 minutes, if the teams are still tied, they go to a shoot out. If after three shooters each the number of goals is still tied, they keep sending shooters out until one team has more goals than the other. Long story short, someone has to win. The Bruins and Flyers each won 20 home games in a row outright in 60 minutes with their teams. Neither the overtime nor shoot out rules had been instated yet.

The issue with these 2011-12 Red Wings is that four of those home wins occurred after the allotted 60 minutes, three being in a shoot out. Did they win all of those games? Yes. Did they get the 2 points for each of those wins? Yes, buuuuut four of their opponents also earned points in these 21 Detroit home games against them. No matter what way you slice it, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. This team is either the lone owner of the greatest home winning streak in history or they own the title *post the ’83 addition of overtime and ’07 addition of shoot outs.

What do you think? I’m giving you a chance to sound off, ladies and gents! Vote below and/or comment! I’d love to hear some opinions on this.

About sunnyinnj

Female hockey fans are often referred to as "puck bunnies" and unfairly judged. As a female hockey fan with a desire to always learn more about the sport, I have an interest in any and all facets of the sport. I would like to write stories that appeal to female hockey fans who are not watching because the players are hot and look good in suits (that is a plus). My heart belongs to the Flyers but I have interest in players/teams all over the league. I know what it’s like being a new fan to the sport and having to hold your own with people who have been immersed in the game longer than I’ve been alive. Take a deep breath, it’s okay, we’ll get through this together. I don’t promise expertise, but I do hope to impart upon you my love for this “figure skating in a war zone” and create fans where there once weren’t and turn casual interest into all-out love. I am in this committed relationship with hockey and I do not foresee it ending anytime soon.


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