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There Will Be Tweets!

We will be taking in the AHL All Star Game in Atlantic City this weekend and will be tweeting as we venture into the Skills Competition After Party and All Star Game Some players we are keeping our peepers on this weekend are Chris Bourque (Happy Birthday!), Andy Miele, Ben Bishop, Cam Atkinson, and Kyle … Continue reading

Wait… I know that guy! What is his name…

As an NHL-oriented hockey fan, this weekend poses a new predicament: how to recognize AHL players at the penny slots in Atlantic City. It’s a rare and happy day when anything hockey-related comes closer to home than Philadelphia so when I uncovered that the locale of the 2012 AHL All-Star Game would be the eastern … Continue reading

Whatta Skills Competition!

I just finished watching the replay of the Super Skills and I love Super Kaner Pears working his mini-stick Matt Read taking 2nd in accuracy AS A ROOKIE! (Congrats Jamie Benn!) Chara’s ability to shoot a puck 108.8 mph That’s higher than the speedometer on my car goes. Fartsmell’s toques and lack of a #HartnellDown … Continue reading

The All Star Draft: What to (Maybe) Expect

Today is my favorite event of the season only second to the NHL Awards. It’s the night where your favorite players get dressed in their finest threads, get trotted around like show ponies, then get picked to play on one of two prestigious teams school-yard style. Since last year’s complete makeover of the All Star … Continue reading

ASG Update Trois – It’s Tres Bien, bur What About Benn?

Following his three game suspension for a questionable hit on Zybnek Michalek, Alex Ovechkin announced to the media yesterday that he would not be attending the All Star Game in Ottawa. “My heart is not there. I [got] suspended, so why I have to go there?” Ovechkin said. “I love the game; it’s great event. … Continue reading

ASG Update Numero Dos – We’re feelin’ Scott, Scott, Scott!

With the unfortunate injury to scoring machine Jonathan Toews, the underdog, OBVIOUS fill in (at least according to Philadelphia) Scott Hartnell received the call up. This will be Hartnell’s first All Star appearance in his 11 year NHL career. Hartnell currently leads the league in power play goals (13) and is 5 goals shy of … Continue reading

Quick Update on the All Star Situation

So seeing as the All Star Game festivities begin in a mere 3 days, the NHL had to hop on finding replacements for the ailing players who were voted into the game. So the list goes as follows: Jordan Eberle (EDM) will be replacing Mikko Koivu(MIN).This leaves roommate Taylor Hall the opportunity to fill his … Continue reading

Enforcers and Why There’s No Expiration Date on Their Jobs

You know him. He’s that (usually) large guy who probably should have been handed a football in his childhood but someone was crazy enough to strap skates on his feet and hand him a stick. “Silky Mitts” is not a phrase used often when referring to him. In fact, most times he doesn’t play enough … Continue reading

Yeah, Mom, I hit my head. Can I go back out and play now? : Who’s REALLY deciding when a player gets back on the ice?

It’s no secret that the hot topic in hockey is concussions. Almost every team in the NHL has faced the consequences of concussions this season. Between Brendan Shanahan serving out suspensions like he’s passing around slices of birthday cake and the occupation of quiet rooms around the league, concussions are impossible to avoid. I hand … Continue reading

NHL All Star Game in 140 Characters or less.

Merry Claudemas to all! On the day of the birth of the one and only Claude Giroux (and Marian Hossa, aaaand Nik Kronwall), the NHL announced their picks for the 2012 All Star Game. With the shear volume of men involved in this weekend in Ottawa, I’ve opted to bring back the trend of tweeting … Continue reading

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