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If I was to tweet this: NHL Updates in 140 characters or less!

After such drab topics (no disrespect to RR and DB) lately, I decided I needed to do something a little light hearted. As it would happen, today I informed a “hockey fan” friend of mine that the Winnipeg Jets are, in fact, back in existence. Sorry to let that cat outta the bag, folks! As … Continue reading

The Potential Threat to Those Who Fight Their Way Into the NHL

The wound is still fresh for those who are hurting over the loss of another enforcer in the NHL. A little more than 24 hours ago Rick Rypien was found dead in his home by a family member. Details of the breaking news have yet to surface and many (me included!) are left with a … Continue reading

Big thumbs down for the Islanders. What does this mean?

As a New Jersian (Jerseyite?) I am fortunate enough to have my sports needs met in many ways in many locations in close proximity to one another. If I want to see the Flyers, Rangers, Devils or Islanders, I’m less than two hours away. I passed the Prudential Center last night. I’ll be near Wells … Continue reading

Top Tweets Tuesday

So I realize it’s technically Wednesday, but I’ll make up for it with another post. I could not possibly let this week go by without sharing some of the top tweets I cam across on Twitter from the men who strap on razor blades for a living. Here we go… Way to dodge the bullet, … Continue reading

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