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Hitting the Ice for a Good Cause

While some of us were glued to the tv counting how many times Tim Thomas’ face was shown over the shoulder of Dirk Nowitzki at last night’s ESPY’s (it was 12, in case you were wondering), other players from all levels of the hockey world came together at the Terry Conners Rink in Stamford, CT for the Big Assist III to raise money for the Obie Harrington-Howes Foundation. Some of the players hitting the puck for a good cause were Marty St. Louis (Tampa Bay Lightnin), Ryan Shannon (Ottawa Senators), Matt Moulson (New York Islanders), James vanRiemsdyk (Philadelphia Flyers), Jonathan Quick (Los Angeles Kings), and, in one of his first public skating appearances since March 8th, Max Pacioretty (Montreal Canadiens). In addition to the game there was a silent auction with signed memorabilia from various NHL players including Alex Ovechkin, Henrik Lundqvist, and Sidney Crosby. The event managed to raise $6,600.

For pictures from the event, you can click on the links below.

Wilton Patch   Stamford Advocate

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Female hockey fans are often referred to as "puck bunnies" and unfairly judged. As a female hockey fan with a desire to always learn more about the sport, I have an interest in any and all facets of the sport. I would like to write stories that appeal to female hockey fans who are not watching because the players are hot and look good in suits (that is a plus). My heart belongs to the Flyers but I have interest in players/teams all over the league. I know what it’s like being a new fan to the sport and having to hold your own with people who have been immersed in the game longer than I’ve been alive. Take a deep breath, it’s okay, we’ll get through this together. I don’t promise expertise, but I do hope to impart upon you my love for this “figure skating in a war zone” and create fans where there once weren’t and turn casual interest into all-out love. I am in this committed relationship with hockey and I do not foresee it ending anytime soon.


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