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Why Stamkos’ Contract Fits

To say that July 1st is a hockey nut’s Black Friday in Walmart would be an understatement. Each team’s general manager runs into the store with an allotted amount of money and runs down each aisle trying to find the best bargains. Unfortunately, there’s only one of each item (unless the Sedins are for sale), … Continue reading

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back: The Columbus Blue Jackets Story

Let me start by pointing out that the Columbus Blue Jackets have their eyes on the prize. By acquiring such talent as Jeff Carter and James Wisniewsk, they are closer to that goal. Carter was THE offensive leader in goals for the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2010-2011 season and finished 7th overall in the league … Continue reading

Hitting the Ice for a Good Cause

While some of us were glued to the tv counting how many times Tim Thomas’ face was shown over the shoulder of Dirk Nowitzki at last night’s ESPY’s (it was 12, in case you were wondering), other players from all levels of the hockey world came together at the Terry Conners Rink in Stamford, CT … Continue reading

Watch out, Kenora!

The Flyers, uh, Kings, Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Canucks, Phantoms coaches, and a Flyer will be heading to the tiny Ontario town on Thursday, July 14th for the 2nd Annual Mike Richards Charity Golf Tournament, hosted by RBC. On the list of confirmed big names are Mike’s bff Jeff Carter, former teammates Ian Laperriere, Riley Cote, … Continue reading

Some questions that arise in the dust settling on Prospect Camp

After absorbing just about as much online coverage as one can throughout prospect camp, I have a couple of questions that I feel deserve answering but will probably remain unattended to. Here we go! – I have enough media coverage of Brayden Schenn to create a legitimate scrapbook. Why have I not seen more than … Continue reading

Prospect Camp Comes to a Close…

The Voorhees Skate Zone is empty. The zambonis have smoothed over the ice and the kids are all heading home (except for Mike Testwuide). The Flyers prospect camp came to a close today after a rousing scrimmage that, in truth, was lopsided. All eyes were on Brayden Schenn to produce. And produce he did. Schenn … Continue reading

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